Jacques Flynn

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Jacques Flynn is an American entrepreneur. Jacques started JAQET in 2012 and is based in Long Beach, CA.[1]

Jacques Flynn, founder of JAQETJacques Flynn, founder of JAQET



Long Beach, CA




Early Career

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Jacques started JAQET in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on JAQET?

I am a car designer by day (I still work full time as a car designer). I am always looking beyond the automotive design world to satisfy my creative needs.

Designing cars is a dream come true, but we are a large team and it is very much a team effort. I wanted to create something that I had 100% control over, and see where that might lead me.

I was very interested in seeing the entire product creation, design and manufacturing process from start to finish. With a car being such a complex and intricate product, it is impossible to see the entire process first hand, but I was always interested in the areas I was not responsible for.

Fashion has always provided lots of inspiration for me, and i thought it would be great to try and design some sort of fashion accessories or line. I felt wallets would be a great start, as I had trouble finding the one I wanted and saw a bit of a gap in most of what was being offered.

Most of the wallets I saw available for a reasonable price range were rather large, bulky and lacked a sense of quality and craft. All I wanted was something slim with some style and well made!

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