Jack Scrimshire

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Jack Scrimshire is an American entrepreneur. Jack started The Gentlemen’s Lounge in 2017 and is based in Virginia, USA.[1]

Jack Scrimshire, founder of The Gentlemen’s LoungeJack Scrimshire, founder of The Gentlemen’s Lounge


The Gentlemen’s Lounge


Virginia, USA


Early Career

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The Gentlemen’s Lounge

Jack started The Gentlemen’s Lounge in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Gentlemen’s Lounge?

The idea was a long time in the making. Around my second year into my college business degree, I got really into the idea of becoming a true gentleman and learning all of the skills and traits that makes someone a "man".

About a year later, I realized there was no one way to be a man, and started looking for communities to learn a grow with and be a part of, to surround myself with likeminded people.

As my passion for entrepreneurship (and my fear of working for others my whole life) grew, I began looking into options of what kind of businesses to start. Ecommerce is obviously huge right now, and I figured I’d combine that with my passion for manliness and style.

I had a long beard and had been buying beard products for a few years, but always had a few issues with them: they weren’t always effective at controlling the irritations that come with beard maintenance, it was hard to find organic products, and when they were they tended to get really pricey.

So, I started researching suppliers, ingredients, and recipes, and realized there was absolutely no reason that a bottle of healthy, natural, organic beard oil should cost as much as companies were asking. So, I ordered my first batch of ingredients and got to work!

I started out handing them out to friends and coworkers and they all loved them. I went ahead and created an Instagram, which quickly grew to around 8,000 followers and I started running giveaways there to further validate the products with people I didn’t know. When they told me they were the best beard care products they’d ever tried, I knew I was onto something.

At the time, I was making very little money having just graduated college. I’m still working full time as an operations analyst, living a modest lifestyle, prioritizing my earnings and funneling absolutely everything to aggressively paying off student and car loans, and I’ve reinvested every penny of the business income back into the business. I don’t plan to take a salary until loans are paid and the business is sustaining itself.

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