Itai Danan

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Itai Danan is a Canadian entrepreneur. Itai started Cybernium Inc. in 2005.[1]

Itai Danan,  of Cybernium Inc.Itai Danan, of Cybernium Inc.


Cybernium Inc.


Early Career

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Cybernium Inc.

Itai started Cybernium Inc. in 2005. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Cybernium Inc.?

Initially, while developing ground-breaking real-time special-effects software for films as Senior Software Engineer at Autodesk, Neocamera was launched as a side-hustle. The idea was simple: Publish information about digital cameras along with a summary of reviews published around the web to provide a unified consensus.

After years of working intensely on multimedia software without a break, the opportunity to take the voyage of a lifetime appeared when HR announced that vacations could no longer be accrued due to a recent legislation change. Having recently discovered the Cathay-Paciffic All-Asia Pass, this got me dreaming... There was no way to go on such a journey without a digital camera! Only, I knew nothing about them yet! Having graduated several years earlier with a Masters in Computer Graphics and published a thesis on Interactive Radiosity, a rendering technique that simulates the physics of light, I was an expert on light and digital imaging. This made me exceptionally qualified to understand digital cameras.

What works best to attract visitors are guest posts on publications related to the same subject. One post lasts forever and generally provides a flow that traffic that starts high and tapers off after a while. By regularly publishing guest posts, new traffic can be acquired.

After reading thousands of pages about digital cameras, I quickly became recognized as an expert by word of mouth alone. When I noticed how many people that I didn’t even know came to ask me about digital cameras, I realized that publishing online could have potential. There were a handful of websites dedicated to digital cameras but reviews were so long and technical that people found it overwhelming which is why they came to me. The initial idea was simply to publish a 4-step Digital Camera Buying Guide to help people choose a digital camera.

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