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Ilija Brajkovic is a Croatian entrepreneur. Ilija started Kontra agency in 2011.[1]

Ilija Brajkovic, founder of Kontra agencyIlija Brajkovic, founder of Kontra agency


Kontra agency


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Early Career

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Kontra agency

Ilija started Kontra agency in 2011. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Kontra agency?

The year was 2011th, Apple had just released their first iPad, and Ke$ha's single, Tik Tok was all over the charts (Ke$ha did you know something before everyone else?). I (Ilija) was nearly over with my internship at Microsoft. Petar was the president of a student organization. Earning money and showing his entrepreneurial spirit by selling books on the side. Being a creative geek (which I still am), I spent a lot of my free time on Twitter, where I met Petar. It wasn't too long before we met in person since we both lived in Split.

Soon after, we were sitting by the sea, in our favorite bar, drinking some beer. It was how we made the majority of our big life decisions back then. Since we were interested in social media and had two clients each, Petar suggested starting a social media agency together. And that's how it began.

As we already mentioned, Ilija had some family money that was just enough to get us started, and I pinched-in with what I had, and off we went. Many agencies began sprouting in those early years, but a lot of them selected a short-sighted, quick-money approach. We wanted something different from the very start.

To do so, we used to work six-days-a-week, from 08:00 a.m. until 10 p.m. and then again on Sunday mornings. We would take Sunday afternoon and evenings off and start all over again on Monday. It was a challenging period. As our business started to develop and our clients started to emerge, we noticed we're missing a lot by having an agency in Split. It wasn't long after that we decided we should move to Zagreb.

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