Ignacio Arriaga

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Ignacio Arriaga is a Spanish entrepreneur. Ignacio started Acumbamail in 2013 and is based in Ciudad Real.[1]

Ignacio Arriaga,  of AcumbamailIgnacio Arriaga, of Acumbamail




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Ignacio started Acumbamail in 2013. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Acumbamail?

Before Acumbamail, when we were 25, we build a crowdfunding platform, which was the first one launched here in Spain.

The team was slightly different, and we mainly learned that you should have very clear the unit economics of your business to success. We grew it to more than 100.000 users and then we sold to a different company. We were not convinced of the units economics of the project and we decide to move on.

My partner and I are both technical people, both coders, so we decided to look for an idea that fit better with our background and, for our previous business experience, with a clear way to monetize.

As the email marketing platforms based in Spain were not very powerful during that time, we decide that can be a good niche, because the unit economics of the business are clear and the main need to develop a platform was technical knowledge, which we already had. The email marketing is a commodity and it very clear how the business model works, so we didn’t need to make a validation process.

We bootstrapped the company from scratch, we only invest around 4.000$ that were mandatory to build a company in Spain and we never made any funding rounds after that.

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