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Howard Law is an American entrepreneur. Howard started Magnus Home Products in 2017.[1]

Howard Law, founder of Magnus Home ProductsHoward Law, founder of Magnus Home Products


Magnus Home Products


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Early Career

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Magnus Home Products

Howard started Magnus Home Products in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Magnus Home Products?

My partner and I worked for a family-owned company for many years and helped to grow it to become a very large player in the industry. As often happens the owners eventually decided to sell the company to a huge corporation. My partner and I decided that working for a huge corporation was not going to be a good fit for ourselves and decided to go out on our own.

My partner has a background in IT and I have a background in sourcing, marketing, and purchasing. With both of us having over 20 years’ experience in our fields and the addition of a few key players we felt we had all of the pieces needed to be successful. The two of us along with a financial partner started Magnus in August of 2017.

We had the knowledge of what products would be successful, where to source them, and how to build a website. Our challenges were putting together a team to build the site and be able to offer superior customer service once we went live. Once we built the site we needed a marketing partner to generate the sales for the site. Little did we know that this piece of the puzzle would be the most difficult.

We have had to wear many new hats and learn so many new things. Human resources, employee healthcare, commercial leases, accounting, logistics, the list goes on and on. Each day brings new challenges and new joys.

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