Gregg Dukofsky

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Gregg Dukofsky is an American entrepreneur. Gregg started Interactive Entertainment Group in 1999.[1]

Gregg Dukofsky, founder of Interactive Entertainment GroupGregg Dukofsky, founder of Interactive Entertainment Group


Interactive Entertainment Group


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Early Career

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Interactive Entertainment Group

Gregg started Interactive Entertainment Group in 1999. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Interactive Entertainment Group?

Prior to starting Interactive Entertainment Group, I owned a recording studio where I produced promotional music videos for bands. It wasn’t until my friends visited my studio and goofed off with the equipment that I had an idea for a new company, focusing exclusively on entertainment.

After a day filled with lip-synching and attempting to play the drums, my friends left the studio with a VHS tape, which contained footage of them starring in their very own music video.

This was when my first product, Super F/X Music Videos, came to mind. I took the idea straight to a local flea market, where I took deposits from anyone who wanted to star in their own music video. After garnering enough interest, I pitched my idea to AdventureLand, the biggest amusement park on Long Island.

The owners loved the idea but said it needed to be streamlined, meaning I had to invest 20k of my personal savings to bring the concept to life. Once the partnership became official, AdventureLand built me a custom studio in the center of the park. I knew Super F/X Music Videos was a success when lines of people waited hours for the chance to make their own music video.

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