Grace Druecke

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Grace Druecke is an American entrepreneur. Grace started The Bali Market in 2016 and is based in Scottsdale.[1]

Grace Druecke,  of The Bali MarketGrace Druecke, of The Bali Market


The Bali Market


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Early Career

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The Bali Market

Grace started The Bali Market in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Bali Market?

The Bali Market was not my first business, but the first one that really took off. I have 15+ years in retail (I love it so much I even have a degree in Retail from the University of Wisconsin - Stout).

I was home with my first daughter so I was drawn to the flexibility of e-commerce. I just needed to find the right product to sell. So I turned to something I personally used and loved. Turkish towels.

I requested samples from 8 or more manufacturers. And I quickly realized that the quality of Turkish towels varies vastly. From those 8 manufacturers, I easily picked my favorite. The quality was clear and as a bonus the company was owned by a woman. Something I valued.

Sold out the status and five-star reviews on Amazon proved that the product was spot on. But just because they were selling well didn’t mean I was raking in the profits.

I quit my job before I had my daughter. We had a chunk of money in savings to get us through the first year. But that money was running out and I knew I needed to make The Bali Market profitable.

Learn the retail basics. I know my retail background helped me create an eCommerce store that has a sturdy foundation. Laying the foundational work first means you’ll have a better chance at success later.

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