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Gonzalo Mestre is a Spanish entrepreneur. Gonzalo started Sheedo Paper in 2017 and is based in Madrid.[1]

Gonzalo Mestre,  of Sheedo PaperGonzalo Mestre, of Sheedo Paper


Sheedo Paper


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Early Career

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Sheedo Paper

Gonzalo started Sheedo Paper in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Sheedo Paper?

I met Gala at the university, we both studied a brand new degree called LEINN. LEINN is about innovation tools, team management and project entrepreneurship, so we had the chance during our academic life to startup some projects.

We tried many different small projects, all of them short term, but then, we came up with an idea: To startup our own espadrilles brand. As a first step, we made a market research, and having a look at one of our future competitors we realized that they were using “plantable tags” for the espadrilles.

You have to launch your product even if it's not perfect.

We fell in love with the concept so we asked that espadrilles brand for a sample and started looking for plantable paper for our tags. But after long research, we realized that the existing plantable paper was not printable and nobody was doing this kind of paper in Spain. So we decided to do it by ourselves.

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