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Gilberto Rosas is an American entrepreneur. Gilberto started Maverick Media Lab in 2018.[1]

Gilberto Rosas,  of Maverick Media LabGilberto Rosas, of Maverick Media Lab


Maverick Media Lab


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Maverick Media Lab

Gilberto started Maverick Media Lab in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Maverick Media Lab?

Growing up in an immigrant family in the US, financial independence and success has always been something that was top of mind for me and that I strived for. It’s what kept me focused on my studies during school. Once I entered college, I began to explore what I wanted to do with my life. I knew that my personality complimented the entrepreneur route and as I began to explore the possibility it became more real to me. So I switched my majors from aerospace engineering to marketing and before starting my business I worked for a marketing agency as an intern where I learned the ropes all while attending college full time.

In that job, I refined my skillset and saw the behind the scenes behind a successful agency. Eventually, I left the job and leaped faith to start my business and within a month got my first client. That was the beginning of Maverick Media Lab.

Our core service is based on the Referral Connector Blueprint which is a 3 part process that helps a business generate more referrals without networking events, cold calling, or advertising. The idea for the Referral Connector Blueprint stemmed from listening to the market and what its needs were. I noticed a lot of competitors were doing the same thing which, in turn, has made the service of lead generation a commodity. Instead, we focused on using Linkedin and email (which are essential to any B2B business) and began to grow our clients’ businesses through referral partnerships.

Within 30 days I got my first client and it began to take off from there. I realized then that amazing things happen when fears are faced head-on.

We find their ideal referral partners, we do the outreach to those business owners and even book the appointment on our clients’ calendar. To add to that, we help them with the processes and systems to help them convert that meeting we set for them into a referral partner sends them businesses through our meeting framework process and unique value proposition analysis.

As I talked to many business owners I began to notice that there were common problems that came up for various business owners. I then sought out to create a productized service that solves a very specific problem for a specific type of client.

The problem for a lot of service providers is not having enough leads but also not having the proper funds, sales personnel, or process to handle online lead generation. So instead of jumping straight into online lead generation, which would require a complete revamp of their sales process, funnel buildout, and marketing plan, we took the best next step… we focused on getting them more referrals.

Referrals only come from two places: their sphere of influence (past clients, family, friends, etc) and referral partners. Eventually, your sphere of influence only has so many referrals they can give but the number of referral partners you can get is unlimited. At that point, we knew if we simply just increased their network of referral partners, a natural byproduct of that would be them getting more referrals… except now it would be more frequent, more predictable, and more diversified. And that’s how the idea for this service was born.

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