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Georgina Lupu Florian is a Romanian entrepreneur. Georgina started Wolfpack Digital in and is based in Cluj-Napoca.[1]

Georgina Lupu Florian, founder of Wolfpack DigitalGeorgina Lupu Florian, founder of Wolfpack Digital


Wolfpack Digital


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Wolfpack Digital

Georgina started Wolfpack Digital in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Wolfpack Digital?

I come from a diverse background, as I am a Telecommunications & IT Engineer at the base, yet I also have a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, a Master’s in Public Relations, and an M.Sc. in Engineering with Business Management from King’s College London. I was always interested in many fields and entrepreneurship became the path to bring all these technical, social, business and creative interests together. You really get to do it all as an entrepreneur.

I lived most of my life in Cluj, Romania, which is the heart of the Transylvania region. After graduating from university I decided to move to London for my Master’s degree, and after that, I worked in London as the main iOS developer for an IoT company building smart jewelry. I continued my work as an iOS developer and business strategy consultant for a while.

This made me realize that I love working with apps and founders so much and that I am so addicted to innovation, that I would love to be able to cover as many ideas and products as possible in my day-to-day life. At the same time, the tech talent pool in Romania was impressive, while the ecosystem back in 2014-2015 was pretty much lacking the needed soft-skills and strategy or business skills to build products start-to-end, especially for startups.

This gave me the idea to move back home and start my own company here while bringing together cross-domain knowledge and taking advantage of the unique opportunities in my hometown. Cluj is one of the most important tech hubs in Europe to watch out for in 2020, according to Slush. I founded the company here in 2015.


Be careful about keeping your mental health in good shape, as you are in for a marathon, not a sprint.

The first two years were the toughest, as all the unpredictable business we attracted relied on scarce recommendations. I started the business when I was 25 years old, when my public app portfolio was quite thin, while my network was quite limited. This meant I had to rely on my own savings for a while, and also do most of the software development work myself initially. I also resorted to working with freelancers for design and web development. My commitment to the new business was all-in, and I gave up on most of my own freelancing commitments as iOS developer and decided to move some of these on-and-off clients to the newly-founded company.

Right now, our entire team is in-house, which is absolutely amazing! Yet I believe working with freelancers who were very carefully selected was a necessary step to help the business survive and grow at the time. Some of them became our full-time employees and are in key positions now.


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