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Gabriele Contilli is an Italian entrepreneur. Gabriele started Rocket PPC in 2018 and is based in Reggio Emilia.[1]

Gabriele Contilli,  of Rocket PPCGabriele Contilli, of Rocket PPC


Rocket PPC


Early Career

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Rocket PPC

Gabriele started Rocket PPC in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Rocket PPC?

Pasquale and I work in the digital marketing field since… ever! We started when Facebook was not yet existing - so you can imagine how many things have changed in all those years. We first met in a large web marketing agency in Italy and we worked together for a couple of years, side by side for large clients.

After that, we both followed our growing path working on the client side or in other agencies, trying to get the best from all our jobs. It took something around 4-5 years to finally start talking seriously about our “dream job”.

We both wanted to start our own thing: a Pay per Click consultant service without compromises.

We are aware that digital marketing is not a perfect field and even if it allows to create mathematical models and to draw graphs and projections, it is almost impossible to define the results of each activity. That is, of course, alright, but many agencies and freelancers consultants use this unpredictability as a “shield” to protect themselves and their work from client’s objections.

We, however, wanted a new model, in which we were able to make a real difference in client’s business.

That is why we decided to sell PPC services and leave all the other “marketing services” outside: with Pay per Click you can obtain quick results and validate marketing ideas, so companies can better decide their next business goals. You can also make hypothesis in terms of budget and revenues , so clients have something to rely on beyond your promises.

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