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Francesc LTW is a Spanish entrepreneur. Francesc started La Teva Web in 2002.[1]

Francesc LTW, founder of La Teva WebFrancesc LTW, founder of La Teva Web


La Teva Web


Early Career

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La Teva Web

Francesc started La Teva Web in 2002. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on La Teva Web?

My academic background has always been focused on management and strategy, I did economics, a PGDip in European Companies Management, and an MBA in England. Once I finished these studies, I started to work in Barcelona as a product manager for a couple of large companies. These were very well-known and large companies and, although I was in my twenties and I had achieved a relevant position in both companies but, for me, it was a waste of time.

At that time you could not expect to have a minimum influence in companies where all marketing decisions are always made in central offices, always abroad. Unfortunately, Spanish companies produced few goods and they merely buy and sell products manufactured in other countries.

I wanted to see all processes and, above all, feel that my efforts were worth something real and touchable. That’s why I decided that if I wanted to put into action everything I had learned, I should build my own company.

I was 29 then and although I had little money, I was in a moment with no ties and plenty of time as my manager had just fired me -something I do really understand-. I am a very bad worker when reporting to a manager, it is by far my major weakness. I need to see all the procedures and be able to decide. Following this, an English consultancy hired me for carrying market studies in Spain. I combined it with my hobby: doing websites.


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