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Florian Simmendinger is a German entrepreneur. Florian started Soundbrenner in .[1]

Florian Simmendinger,  of SoundbrennerFlorian Simmendinger, of Soundbrenner




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Florian started Soundbrenner in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Soundbrenner?

In 2014 I just graduated from university in a rural area in South Germany. I decided to move to Berlin to get a job in consulting. However, my real dream was to start my own business one day, but it seemed wrong to do so right out of university. It felt like this sort of stuff only happens in movies. However, once I was in Berlin, I met hundreds of entrepreneurs and realized there is no reason to wait. Once I met my co-founder Julian Vogels, I canceled my job search and we decided to start Soundbrenner!

One important thing to understand about marketing is that it is extremely specific to your product category and audience - so there are no silver bullets that work for everyone.

We got the idea for our first product, the vibrating metronome, from a classical violinist called Vinh-Nghi Tiet. We were all three musicians and passionate about great design. We felt there is a lot of potential in music equipment for instrument players because the existing big companies in the space still release products that look like they are from the 90s.

Our first question was whether "feeling the beat" would actually work. So Julian quickly soldered together with a prototype and programmed it in about 24 hours. We took an old Nokia cell phone apart to get a vibration motor and handled the rest with Arduino and a 3D printer. Our first feedback was horrible because we used the wrong components. However, between the lines, we could see people were excited and there is potential if executed correctly.


We entered several pitching competitions and an investor out of Hong Kong called Brinc offered us funding as well as support in product development. The only caveat: back then they required that we would have to move to Hong Kong and Shenzhen. So Julian and I packed our bags, we moved around the world, and went straight to work in the heart of China's consumer electronics industry.

From there we made rapid progress and eventually launched on crowdfunding. We were able to raise a seed round from investors with this success under our belt, successfully shipped all our pre-orders, and launched in global retail. But this was only just the start…


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