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Fida haq is a Bangladeshi entrepreneur. Fida started shurjoPay in 2010.[1]

Fida haq, founder of shurjoPayFida haq, founder of shurjoPay




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Fida started shurjoPay in 2010. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on shurjoPay?

Back in 2009 in Dhaka, I was managing an ATM network and switch shared by a few major banks of Bangladesh. But in absence of Paypal or any other payment gateway in those times, the e-Commerce sector in Bangladesh was facing a lot of trouble to start its journey - let alone flourish.

I’ve learned that maintaining good relationships with the stakeholders is one of the keys to success.

Also, an ATM network is no solution for merchants to become e-merchants and start receiving payments online. That’s when the idea of facilitating the payment collection through an online payment gateway as a merchant service provider came to my mind.

My overseas experience in this regard where MSPs were already taken for granted for a long time also played a vital role in the ideation phase of shurjoMukhi. I thought that without waiting for the big names to come to town, why don't we set up an online payment gateway with our own technology and help build the e-Commerce ecosystem of the country that everyone takes for granted these days. Thus, shurjoPay - the online payment gateway that's owned and operated by shurjoMukhi - was born.

Like any other emerging economy with a promising track record, Bangladesh’s e-Commerce sector had the potential to experience remarkable growth with its rising GDP. And shurjoPay started its journey in the industry with the surmise that e-Commerce sector growth would exceed all expectations and have a drastic impact on Bangladesh's economy.

As e-Commerce involves buying and selling goods and services by merchants and consumers through a digital medium, the online payment process seemed to be promising to take it to the next level. Over the past years, through persistence and technological finesse, shurjoPay has been able to build an entrenched position in the industry.

We have firmly established the company as a FinTech (Financial Technology) outfit with its e-Payment Gateway named shurjoPay that is used by hundreds of e-merchants and educational institutes including large enterprises like the Bangladesh Ansar and VDP.

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