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Eyal is an Israeli entrepreneur. Eyal started StoreYa in 2012 and is based in Tel Aviv.[1]

Eyal,  of StoreYaEyal, of StoreYa




Early Career

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Eyal started StoreYa in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on StoreYa?

I worked for 4 years as a project manager in design and development agencies, managed projects for big brands like National Geographic, MTV, 888, etc. I learned how an online business should be built.
In 2009 I had a chance to join a brand that targeted the conservative market in the USA, they were looking for a guy that will create their online presence from scratch. That was my first touchpoint with the eCommerce industry. I've built a Shopify store, an Amazon and eBay stores. I managed to reach a 6-figure with the Shopify store and a power seller level on Amazon.

Since I like wearing different hats and I understood the power of content marketing, I built a community of bloggers, I had 20 bloggers that wrote for our blog. We promoted that content to our fans on Facebook, in the good old days, FB ads were not a big thing and the organic reach was high, so you could actually engage with your fans :)

I noticed that we're not making a direct ROI from our efforts in FB, again it was before ads on FB was such a popular thing.

So I thought why not integrate our Shopify store into our Facebook page, and improve the product discovery aspect, basically show our fans different products they might like without the need for them to leave Facebook.

Back then I was 28 years old, living in a small one-bedroom apartment with my girlfriend (now wife), a young man with big dreams, this idea looked like something that is worth a more in-depth check so I knew that the first phone call I have to make is to Yariv, my brother & partner, I told him about the idea, he loved it and decided to convince Pasha, our all-mighty CTO to join us and develop the first Facebook shop ever made, I was the guinea pig, we thought it will take us a couple of weeks, but like every good development project, it took us a few months :)

Focus is key. It's easy to get distracted along the way, focus on your product run as many tests as possible to validate your product offering.

But it was worth the wait, we were happy with the results and the engagement! We were the first in the market that offered a Facebook shop that can automatically import your products onto Facebook from different eCommerce platforms.

The Facebook shop app got a lot of traction and clients, about 20,000 clients in the first year, it was really revolutionary, but we noticed that most of the online sellers put all their efforts in their eCommerce store, and don't market their Facebook store even though we created marketing apps dedicated for the Facebook shop.

We understood that the Facebook shop has huge potential, but if the clients put their efforts on different platforms, we can't provide enough value, which means we won't be able to scale, grow and turn StoreYa into a stable company, so we went back to the drawing board and brainstormed about ideas that can add value to online sellers.

We decided that since they put most of their efforts into their online store, we will develop on-site promotion apps, known as Coupon Pop, Exit Pop, and Refer a Friend.

These apps generate a lot of value in terms of leads and sales but we encountered two new challenges:

  1. There are companies that offer similar products for free to get into the market
  2. SMBs don't have a lot of traffic, so with the on-site promotions we helped them to better convert the traffic they have but their biggest challenge was still to get more targeted traffic.

That led us to tackle the biggest challenge they have and offer them the option to set up and optimize their Google Ad campaigns.

This move made a lot of sense for us because Yariv, my partner, comes with a vast experience in PPC, he managed ad campaigns worth millions of dollars in his previous positions, and Pasha has the ability to fly a spaceship to the moon, the best tech guy I've ever met. So, with the combination of Yariv's vast PPC experience, my eCommerce experience and Pasha's tech skills we knew we can take this vision and make it into a reality.

Together with the rest of the team members, it took us about a year to develop the initial Traffic Booster algorithm, and it's something we keep improving on a daily basis.


Source [1]



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