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Evan Waldenberg is an American entrepreneur. Evan started Junk In Your Trunks in 2018 and is based in New York, NY.[1]

Evan Waldenberg,  of Junk In Your TrunksEvan Waldenberg, of Junk In Your Trunks


Junk In Your Trunks


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Junk In Your Trunks

Evan started Junk In Your Trunks in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Junk In Your Trunks?

My background is in media and advertising; prior to this, I worked for three years as a consultant working on organizational design and strategic sales strategies for legacy media brands, digital media brands, and ad-tech firms.

It was definitely pretty interesting stuff and was an awesome gig, but I felt so distant from the fun marketing and branding side of things (AKA why I gravitated toward advertising in the first place) and so I got a little burnt out after grinding there for a few years.

I’m the type of person that has always had a million ideas for things I want to do (ideas for businesses to start and otherwise) and I had saved up a little bit of cash and had no real-life responsibilities so it felt like the right time to test myself and see if I could put some of these ideas to work.

Like I said, I already had a million ideas at this point so once I made the choice that I wanted to go ahead and try something it was a matter of choosing from some of my pre-existing ideas (which lived in an excel doc which was literally just a list of 300 dumb things I wanted to launch).

The initial idea behind Junk in your Trunks and its initial concept is quite different. It started as a reaction of short-shorts for dudes coming back into fashion, and one day I was like it’d be funny if there was a brand Junk in your Trunks that was short-shorts for dudes and they had a dick that hung out of the leg. The initial idea was a dick that’d clip into the shorts that were going to be a sunscreen dispenser.

That proved hard to execute on so then it became a bottle opener and beer-shotgun-hole-puncher. So it was totally a joke, just hoping that if I got it out there and in the right places it could pop off for a month as a funny (fine, not that funny) party trick and I could milk that.

Thing is, once I had put an ounce of effort into this, it seemed like a lot of effort for a really cheap joke. But the more I thought about it, I did still have something compelling to play within the name. Junk in your trunks is super visceral and has a lot of meanings and connotations that you can play off if I were to keep going toward short-shorts or swim as a category: Junk in the trunk aka big bootied folks, guys’ junk in their ‘trunks’, and what grabbed me the most, in an era where sustainability is coming to the forefront there was an interesting opportunity to work actual Junk (recycled materials) into play.

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