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Eugene Veeden is a Canadian entrepreneur. Eugene started BagsAway Luggage Storage in 2017 and is based in Toronto.[1]

Eugene Veeden, founder of BagsAway Luggage StorageEugene Veeden, founder of BagsAway Luggage Storage


BagsAway Luggage Storage


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BagsAway Luggage Storage

Eugene started BagsAway Luggage Storage in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on BagsAway Luggage Storage?

I am a software engineer, graduated from McMaster University then began a career in Oil & Gas, where I was fortunate enough to have been granted a leave of absence. I used this opportunity to explore the world and travel to South America, Asia, and Africa!

BagsAway was born as an answer to a recurring problem my co-founder Irina and I experienced on travels, and I observed back home when renting my place on Airbnb. We are first and foremost world enthusiasts at heart - travel is a passion and a life goal for us and luggage, of course, is an inseparable part of the travel experience.

We often found our bags to be time wasters, having to make special trips to drop off or retrieve them on arrival and departure days. Or just having to drag them along, which of course limited what we could do, and we were not the only ones. We noticed others dragging their bags on Hollywood Blvd or sitting on a beach with backpacks in Asia before boarding their boats.

Validation of our business came when my Airbnb guests were repeatedly asking for a place to leave their bags before their late afternoon checkin’ and after their checkout before their evening flights, we realized there was a bigger problem and with it an opportunity. Time is the most precious currency we have so we figured there had to be a better way, and when we couldn’t find a solution we decided to create it ourselves. We were also accepted into the DMZ (Ryerson Digital Media Zone), which is the top business incubator in Canada!


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