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Emma Saunders is a New Zealander entrepreneur. Emma started The Green Collective in 2014 and is based in Nelson.[1]

Emma Saunders, founder of The Green CollectiveEmma Saunders, founder of The Green Collective


The Green Collective


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Early Career

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The Green Collective

Emma started The Green Collective in 2014. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Green Collective?

As a mother (three boys under 10) you are suddenly thrown into a world of consumables and your awareness levels go through the roof of everything from health, wellness and ideals.

New Zealand has a clean green image that you proudly uphold as a Kiwi traveling and working the world so to come home to live in 2007 was a starting point to dig deeper into what that means.

'Reduce, reuse and recycle' has always been one of my motto’s, then add 're-purpose, re-fresh and re-create' and you start to get a sense of how I see the world and it’s possibilities.

Often when we thought of products that were eco-friendly, the colours beige, or brown came to mind. We thought why can’t they be fun and yet still retaining a low ecological footprint? That was a starting point of combining design, colour and function.

We had a reusable bag from overseas traveling and there was nothing like it in New Zealand at the time. I have always sewed and thought it was an easy concept to look into further.

Researching the fabrics, cords, thread and packaging started and we stuck to our guns on high quality, industrial parts that could handle the frequent use and washing. This took a lot of trial and error to get it right, be happy with the sizes and test our prototypes. We had many bags hanging all over the house weighted by various things to test them!

Knowing clearly what we wanted to create, meant we recognized it when we had it. That’s when we introduced it to friends family and the local market.

You will have to get used to me jumping between ‘me’, ‘I’, ‘we’. It is me behind the scenes day to day but I have a helpful and supportive family, friends and absolutely love the collaborators, designers, sewers and community people I deal with day to day. It is therefore not just me who makes this business run.

I have always worked from the age of 13 when I did the local glass bottle milk run. I enjoy working, and I work hard. I have been told I have too much energy, but as an entrepreneur, I can’t see how that is a fault. I really enjoy all aspects of running the business from the design to accounts but of course, can quite easily procrastinate away time working on something else less important on the day like designing a new SPRUCE.

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