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Ellen Yin is an American entrepreneur. Ellen started Ellen Yin Media LLC in 2018.[1]

Ellen Yin, founder of Ellen Yin Media LLC Ellen Yin, founder of Ellen Yin Media LLC


Ellen Yin Media LLC


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Ellen Yin Media LLC

Ellen started Ellen Yin Media LLC in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Ellen Yin Media LLC ?

My own journey from "Cubicle to CEO" began when I quit my corporate marketing job at the end of 2017 at age 23, without a backup plan. That’s where I got the inspiration for my brand name!

I was in a very fortunate financial position where I could afford to take a massive risk like that because I had six months of expenses saved in an emergency fund and I had graduated college-debt free after paying off $19,000 in student loans during my senior year of college while working 3 jobs and going to school.

I describe myself as an accidental entrepreneur because my intention was never to start my own business. when I left my corporate job Ironically, a coworker at the company I had just left became my first client when he reached out and asked if I could help launch and grow the Instagram channel for his local coffee stands. It was only a $300 project, but it gave me the proof of concept I needed to have the β€œaha” realization that I could monetize my existing skills into service and go find bigger client accounts, instead of continuing to apply for jobs.

I didn’t draft up a business plan or wait until I had all the steps figured out, I just leaned into this curiosity and ran with it. My focus was immediately on β€œlet’s secure that next client account” and evolve the business naturally as we learn from experience. As a service-based solopreneur at the time, my business expenses and startup costs were extremely low, so there wasn’t anything holding me back from diving in headfirst.

By pre-selling my program to a few beta students before I created any content, I was able to test and validate my offer.

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