Dvir Edri

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Dvir Edri is an American entrepreneur. Dvir started Car Shipping Calculator in 2011.[1]

Dvir Edri, founder of Car Shipping CalculatorDvir Edri, founder of Car Shipping Calculator


Car Shipping Calculator


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Car Shipping Calculator

Dvir started Car Shipping Calculator in 2011. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Car Shipping Calculator?

In 2008, I started working as a freelancer for a locksmith company and I learned the job quickly. One day, I decided that I would like to open my own business, so I started my locksmith business. Through that, I gained valuable experience and learned how to advertise and get leads.

I decided one day after I received an offer to sell the business that I would look into advertising for something similar to emergency service advertising. That's how I came up with the idea to open a towing company.

> Never stop investing in your business - both in your processes, tools, and in your people. It’s important to keep your reputation in good standing too. And never stop investing in yourself.

I started advertising and used subcontractors to get the job done. One of the freelancers taught me the business and helped me buy trucks. He became a manager in this business. He agreed, and a few years later he bought this business from me. However, I stayed with the transportation business.

I started a local towing company in Colorado back in 2006. One day in 2007, I needed to buy a wrecker truck for my business in Pennsylvania and I flew out to see the truck. I ended up buying this truck, and I contacted a few companies to ship the truck to Colorado, as I did not have time to drive it across the country. I had to get back to my business.

One company told me that they could ship my new truck, but they ended up not understanding how shipping requirements work. They didn’t know how to ship my equipment, and in the end, I had to drive the truck all the way back to Colorado, which took me about 4 days on the road. During those four days on the road, I spent all my time thinking that once I reached Colorado, I would research this industry to understand what people are doing wrong. I wanted to research the potential of this industry. The idea was born that I could open my own business that builds on my towing experience, but that would work for other people that need to ship vehicles.

And so, Nationwide Auto Transportation started as a DBA of my towing company. Later, it became my main business. I sold the local towing company in Colorado.

I already knew how to advertise and run a business, so I stepped into the business and grew it every year since then. That’s how I started and grew NAT. It has been my own creation. I created everything on my own.

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