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Duffy Betterton is an American entrepreneur. Duffy started Dance Dress Couture in 2015.[1]

Duffy Betterton,  of Dance Dress CoutureDuffy Betterton, of Dance Dress Couture


Dance Dress Couture


Early Career

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Dance Dress Couture

Duffy started Dance Dress Couture in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Dance Dress Couture?

Our story started five years ago. As competitive amateur dancers, we admired the beautiful and expensive dresses created for dancers. My background as a web designer led us to create a website for dancers to list their dresses for sale on consignment. We had great responses from both consignors and customers ready to buy these beautiful gowns. We quickly realized that traveling to competitions with the dresses was the best way to showcase and sell the dresses.

Just try it. You won’t know until you do and if you don’t you will regret it by always asking yourself would this work.

Over time we added menswear and accessories. We traveled at least one weekend a month to competitions throughout the southeast. We were happy to grow each year and were able to keep our costs down so that we broke even our first year and earned a little profit each year following.

As we continued to expand to different competitions our dance family continued to grow. We continued to compete ourselves which also grew our knowledge of what is needed for competitive dancers. We built a long list of items that dancers packed in their suitcases for competitions. A few of these items we began to carry with us to shows.

During this time I began subscribing to a couple of boxes such as Fab Fit Fun and Causebox. My teenage daughters would fight over all the fun items when each box arrived. The next Christmas everyone found a subscription box they wanted and asked for those for Christmas gifts from grandparents. Every month we eagerly wait for the mail to see what surprises we can claim.

One day while I was adding to our packing list for dancers I had an aha moment. What if we built a subscription box for ballroom dancers? I did a little research and found none on the market. It was just before Christmas 2019 so we did a little test. We made up 10-15 Christmas gift boxes and took them to a couple of competitions. We had a good response but no time to really dig into the idea as we were busy through Feb 2020 traveling to competitions with dresses and dancewear. We also opened a small retail shop in north Nashville in Feb of 2020. And then came March and quarantine. Our whole industry of dance competitions was shut down.





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