Drew McNamara

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Drew McNamara is an American entrepreneur. Drew started Creative Souls in 2018 and is based in Chicago.[1]

Drew McNamara, founder of Creative SoulsDrew McNamara, founder of Creative Souls


Creative Souls


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Early Career

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Creative Souls

Drew started Creative Souls in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Creative Souls?

I grew up with a learning disability. My disability is known as Auditory Processing Disorder. When people ask me a question or if I am learning something it may take me longer to process the material. The majority of the people who know me now would never have known I had a disability if I didn’t say it here. I had speech therapy starting in the first grade once a week, every week up until my junior year of high school when I was told that I had essentially overcome it and did not need the extra support anymore.

Overcoming my learning disability meant that I have learned to work around it. It’ll always be here, but I have worked hard to get to where I am at today. During high school, I was told by a school counselor that I would never get into my dream school which was the University of Illinois (UIUC). They said I should aim lower. I ended up attending the University of Illinois and eventually graduated with my Masters in social work from there as well. I have been told that I couldn’t achieve something, people didn’t always believe in me or give me the time of the day due to a disability. Fortunately, growing up I had an amazing support system that included my family, case managers, teachers, and many more.

In the 4th grade, I met an individual who has Down Syndrome. He was the brother of one of my friends on my baseball team. I became quick friends with him too. I remember wanting to be around him because he brought so much joy and excitement to the dugout. He truly is an amazing person and a friend of mine. Looking back now, I realized he impacted my life so much. I would go on to be involved with various programs like Buddy Baseball, Best Buddies, and Keshet. After high school, I knew I wanted to do social work because I loved working with people who have disabilities. After I graduated from college, I started working at an agency that provides services for people with disabilities.

Through my experiences, I’ve learned that Individuals with disabilities are not given enough opportunities to be successful. The national employment rate for individuals with disabilities is at 17.5 percent compared to the 65 percent of those without disabilities. Millions of people with disabilities are impacted due to unemployment. Creative Souls provides a workplace where people with disabilities design the artwork that goes on each pair of canvas shoes, shirts, etc., allowing them to express their creativity and individuality. I created it because I knew that their needs to be a company that provides real opportunities for these individuals to not only have a support system, but also the opportunity to earn money by creating art.


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