Dr. Michele M. Morgan

Founder of THE MAXBIT
from Ontario, CA, USA
started January 2016
Hello, again, Entrepreneurs! I am Dr. Michele Morgan and my company is God’s Way Enterprises, Inc. Our company focuses on 5 areas; Business, Education, Ministry, Missions, and Resources. In our Resource area, we created a powered garden tool product line that takes digging to a whole ne...
My name is Michele Morton and I am the inventor and founder of THE MAXBIT. With THE MAXBIT, we’ve introduced new technology in the garden industry. THE MAXBIT attaches to a household drill. When the drill is engaged and THE MAXBIT goes in the ground the patented blade technology turns t...
Hello, I am Michele Morgan Morton, inventor of The MaxBit. The MaxBit Powered Garden Tools are our top products with our company, God’s Way Enterprises, Inc. We manufacture and market the tools here in the USA. Our customers range from the DIY everyday gardener to the landscaper who di...