Dominic Morris

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Dominic Morris is an American entrepreneur. Dominic started HoopMaps in 2016 and is based in Sacramento .[1]

Dominic Morris,  of HoopMapsDominic Morris, of HoopMaps




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Early Career

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Dominic started HoopMaps in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on HoopMaps?

I grew up in Oakland California where all my life I dreamt of playing professional baseball, I played other pickup sports with my friends but baseball was definitely the sport that I gravitated to. Every summer I played on a baseball team and my number one goal in high school was to play college baseball.

I thought to myself... there must be a better solution than driving around town hoping to get lucky and find a pickup basketball game.

I gained a partial scholarship to Texas Southern in Houston and before heading out for my first semester Hurricane Katrina hit the southern gulf and Texas Southern took in many college students from the New Orleans colleges to continue their education. Resulting in taking away my scholarship.

I attended California State University in Sacramento and that's where I started my first business The Morris League, an adult baseball league. My brother Donte and I wanted to continue playing baseball and we both was majoring in business so creating a league was perfect for us. We ran that league throughout our time in college.

I came up with the idea of HoopMaps when I was playing at gym that my brother and I attend. One week the gym was closed and I was looking to get my run in, so I drove from court to court to discover empty courts or just missing people as they finished there game.

And I remember vividly that day being frustrated that I wasted my gas and my time searching for people to play with. I thought to myself... there must be a better solution than driving around town hoping to get lucky and find a pickup basketball game. On that ride home my brother and I thought of HoopMaps. An map that will tell you in real time who is playing basketball.

Before we started diving into solving this problem, I wanted to get validation. So I went around park to park asking hoopers would they use an app to find pickup games and 9/10 people said they would use it daily.

It was a simple yet tedious task of speaking to strangers at random gyms and parks and asking them about my app idea. Every Thursday through Sunday I would drive to cities such as San Francisco, San Jose, Reno, Santa Cruz and more northern California cities to collect a wide sample size of users.

I would record answers on paper and input it in an Excel spreadsheet. I would take a look at the responses and couldn't help but see the overwhelming yesses. I build up those responses as my mailing list for launch.

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