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DJ Tobander is a German entrepreneur. DJ started DJ Tobander in 2015.[1]

DJ Tobander, founder of DJ TobanderDJ Tobander, founder of DJ Tobander


DJ Tobander


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DJ Tobander

DJ started DJ Tobander in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on DJ Tobander?

In 2018 I already did blogging for about 10 years. I have sold a couple of copies of my “How-To-Guides” but nothing memorable. This was kind of frustrating as this was the kind of stuff other DJs told me they want to learn. Unfortunately, it seemed no one actually wanted to pay for it.

This seemed kind of strange because all the business books and info product gurus out there all were telling to ASK your customers what they want. In my case, everybody told me they wanted to become better at djing and play more gigs. But nobody actually wanted to pay for products like this.

So one day I noticed that I always get a lot of questions about my DJ sets at special occasions like weddings or birthdays: what kind of music I was playing, what my starting song as if I have any secret weapons when there’s nobody dancing and so on. So I just made a small collection of my playlists from that year and also looked out for other public DJ sets that I liked on blogs or websites. I then put my favorite sets into a pdf made it look nice and sent it to my mailing list.

It was an instant success. Nothing to get rich but I’m talking here about a small niche (wedding DJs in Germany) and a cheap product ($10). But it was way more than I have ever sold with my How-To-Guides.

Since then not much has changed. I added some statistics (most played tracks, starting tracks, p.a.) and also included a list of all tracks as a spreadsheet but the main idea is still the same. In 2020 however, there haven’t been many weddings so there’s not much to sell this year.

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