Dianne L Chen

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Dianne L Chen is an American entrepreneur. Dianne started Arise Performance Labs, Inc in 2018 and is based in Irvine.[1]

Dianne L Chen, founder of Arise Performance Labs, IncDianne L Chen, founder of Arise Performance Labs, Inc


Arise Performance Labs, Inc


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Arise Performance Labs, Inc

Dianne started Arise Performance Labs, Inc in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Arise Performance Labs, Inc?

At 24, I climbed up flight stairs - and was suddenly out of breath. I realized I was at my heaviest weight, sitting most of the time, and eating out every other day. Determined to change, I jumped right into keto and cardio classes. Spoiler alert - it didn’t work. Next, I exercised like crazy while under-eating at the ill advice of my trainer. Burnt out, I decided to track calories & macros. For 18 months, I spent hours calculating and logging my food. Although I had lost 30 lbs, I could NOT keep up the lifestyle anymore.

I wanted a way to eat healthily and get results without the daily food obsession, logging, and time spent calculating recipes to fit the numbers.

That’s when I thought - what if there was an app that answered “what, when, and how much to eat”? Especially for workout days. One that took care of macro-planning, carb-cycling, and nutrient-timing for my body type & goal. An app that helped me practice mindful eating.

I became a certified Nutrition Coach from Precision Nutrition and earned certifications in Nutrition & Behavior Change from IDEAFit, and Plant-based Nutrition from eCornell. Drawing from my tech experience, business degree, and nutrition coaching, I set out to simplify healthy eating & mindfulness in a way that was actionable and easy to do.


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