Diane Lawrence & Dawn Pochek

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Diane Lawrence & Dawn Pochek is an American entrepreneur. Diane started Inspiranza Designs in 2006 and is based in Columbia.[1]

Diane Lawrence & Dawn Pochek, founder of Inspiranza DesignsDiane Lawrence & Dawn Pochek, founder of Inspiranza Designs


Inspiranza Designs


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Early Career

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Inspiranza Designs

Diane started Inspiranza Designs in 2006. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Inspiranza Designs?

Dawn and I were lunch friends at the law firm that we both worked for years. We would often eat our lunch and discuss how we thought that God had a greater plan for us and how we would love to start our own business someday. Dawn had a fine jewelry background so she had insight as to how to get started and wholesale vendors to use. I had an IT background and was the firm's IT Manager. These two things were the perfect ingredients for the birth of Inspiranza Designs. One day she came to ask if I wanted to sell sterling silver jewelry with her at home parties. I thought it would be an awesome Idea as jewelry was something that we both loved!

After just one night of pondering the idea, I came back to Dawn with an even bigger idea! Why don’t we start our own direct sales business and provide the opportunity for other women to own their own business? Dawn agreed!

> Only spend what you have.

The wheels were turning...with just $500 each and a big dream, off we went. We continued to work at the law firm and spend our nights, often until 2 a.m. building this dream that God put in our hearts.

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