Diane German

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Diane German is an American entrepreneur. Diane started Hair Fetish in 2012.[1]

Diane German, founder of Hair FetishDiane German, founder of Hair Fetish


Hair Fetish


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Early Career

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Hair Fetish

Diane started Hair Fetish in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Hair Fetish?

For as long as I can remember, there was always something about hairstyling that intrigued me. I started out styling my baby dolls and then on to my friends. My mother saw how much I loved it so she invested in my first salon chair. I couldn't have been any older than 13 with clients in mom’s living room. I got better as I got older and the passion grew steadily as well. I was able to purchase my first used cash car at 16.

Hair Fetish came about in 2011. I registered the name with the state of Florida in 2012. At that time I added a DBA (Doing Business As), Agape Fetish along with the registration of Hair Fetish. Initially, I was indecisive about the name I wanted so that's what led me to both. The word agape meant a lot to me for its biblical context “the perfect love” of God.


Straight out of high school I attended Mcfatter Technical Institute where I began studying to become a nurse. Unfortunately, I failed the entrance exam by two points. So I decided, hey let me try pursuing hair. I attended Atlantic Technical Institute in 2007. I took up cosmetology which was a year-long program. Unfortunately two months before completion, I was expelled from school. I was devastated and at that moment it seemed as if my passion and determination came to a halt.

During this time I picked up a few jobs here and there. I went on to work as an after school counselor until I got a more stable job as an EVS (Environmental Service) worker. I cleaned the rooms, toilets, offices, beds, and other areas as needed. I held this job for about two years until I was pregnant with my second son. In 2014 a year after his birth I got a position with the school board but this time as an assistant director for the YMCA. I stayed for a year until I put in my resignation.

I felt so unsettled for not finishing cosmetology school and I built up enough courage to try it again. In 2016 I enrolled at Beauty Anatomy Institute where I continued my cosmetology journey. Luckily some of my hours were honored so I didn't have to do a full year. At this time my son was a toddler. There were occasions where I brought him to school with me. I couldn't see myself giving up again or failing, so I had to make it work.


I would definitely consider Beauty Anatomy to be a top tier institute because it was the only cultured school that taught variations of styling, etc. The opportunities and experiences we were exposed to seemed endless for me. I had the pleasure of being on the set of multiple celebrity shoots where I provided makeup services as well as being a part of the video shoot itself. I was initially nervous, but it was a cool experience. I would say that opened up a level of confidence I wasn't aware of. After graduating, opportunities kept flowing so constantly that it became a part of my life. In total, I have styled over 25 celebrities including their children.

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