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Dena Gottlieb is an Israeli entrepreneur. Dena started TerraCure in 2017 and is based in Modiin Ilit.[1]

Dena Gottlieb,  of TerraCureDena Gottlieb, of TerraCure




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Dena started TerraCure in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on TerraCure?

I attended college in the U.S. and then spent 25 years in the Israeli Hi-Tech industry.

I worked at leading Israeli software firms and did a lot of selling and customer support. Dealing with people is my passion. I ditched my Hi-Tech career when it became more about the numbers and less about the people. I got sick of my bosses breathing down my neck with their increasing quotas (my last one was over $1 million).

At some point, after I left the last software company where I had spent 7 years, we were introduced to a new Israeli Multi-Level Marketing business whose flagship product was a vegetarian form of Omega 3.

We believed in the product and loved using it. BUT, the whole MLM atmosphere was a major turnoff. We hated how everyone around us (family and friends) became a potential person for our downline and we also couldn’t stand the “brainwashing” that took place at the various events that were designed to get the distributors all pumped up.

The MLM company went belly up because of bad management, after about 2 years, but we were hooked on providing quality health products to people who knew how to appreciate quality.

Also, my husband, Elazar, is a very caring and compassionate person, who although not outgoing like me - loves to help people (especially the elderly) with their physical ailments. He also came from a family that never took prescription drugs.

During this period and preceding it, Elazar had been busy with his furniture business. He owned a furniture chain and long days of physical labor left him with a painful back, muscles, knees, and joints…and eventually a herniated disc. There was no real solution – only surgery or pills that didn't deal with the underlying issues, providing modest relief (plus side effects), as the problem got worse every year. Elazar began experimenting with many natural creams. He tried just about every available solution on the local market, none of which offered lasting relief.

Eventually, he discovered that a particular blend of Dead Sea minerals with other natural elements solved his problems. We decided that it would be a brilliant idea to create a line of 3 different products for pain, instead of just one type of cream.

What started as a clever marketing idea turned into a brilliant concept because each one of our creams has different essential oils in it, which means that each cream brings a different kind of relief to the table.

The three creams complement each other and offer our customers a complete, all-encompassing treatment package for dealing with the most difficult complicated pains in a natural manner. Using our creams actually helps people avoid surgery!! There is also a big advantage in the combination of Dead Sea minerals with essential oils.

There is a synergistic effect and it appears to us to be the best set of pain relief products in the world. The creams seem to penetrate down to the root of the deepest problems and help the body recover.

We involved professional formulators, scientists and manufacturers to come up with the perfect blend of minerals and essential oils. We outsourced production of the creams to local cosmetic cream manufacturers in various parts of Israel.

We found an inexpensive graphic artist and designed our logo and labels, while the products were being made. Once we had our finished products we decided to run a “pilot” here in Israel and began selling the products via our brick and mortar “store” to the local population. We did (and still do) street advertising and advertising in local circulars. People would call and we would talk to them about how the products could help them. Many of the people who spoke with us purchased the products for their pain. The feedback was amazing. Some people saw immediate relief and for some, it took longer. But there was no doubt that we were onto something big.

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