Demri Robinson

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Demri Robinson is an American entrepreneur. Demri started Little Coffee Place in 2015.[1]

Demri Robinson,  of Little Coffee PlaceDemri Robinson, of Little Coffee Place


Little Coffee Place


Early Career

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Little Coffee Place

Demri started Little Coffee Place in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Little Coffee Place?

Before LittleCoffee Place I was in college pursuing a bachelor’s in mathematics. After college, I moved around and landed a job with Tesla in Colorado. Here I learned about work ethic, due diligence, and how to manage heavy stress loads. I went from drinking decaf to espresso shots! And Rodrigo lived in Argentina and was teaching himself how to code and be a web developer.

Switching from a high-pressure work environment to running an online business was relieving yet terrifying. Leaving the security of familiarity took a lot of convincing.

So how the heck did we meet, right? The story of how Rodrigo and I connected is a pretty 21st Century cliche. Simply online via a mutual friend through social media. But who knew that such a common connection would lead to a business venture. Aside from mutual friends, we found that we had a mutual love for Coffee! I mean who doesn’t, right? The concept for Little Coffee Place came from Rodrigo.

Based on our communications back and forth over the web, he asked if I would be interested in starting and running a blog together. Since he is the master coder and website development guru he needed someone to create content. We didn’t know whether or not this would work, but if anything it was somewhere for us to compile all of our coffee experiences into one place. Like a shared coffee journal.

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