Dean A. Logan

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Dean A. Logan is an American entrepreneur. Dean started Labor Sync in 2009 and is based in New Jersey.[1]

Dean A. Logan, founder of Labor SyncDean A. Logan, founder of Labor Sync


Labor Sync


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Labor Sync

Dean started Labor Sync in 2009. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Labor Sync?

As a roofer and family business owner for 17 years, I faced the ongoing struggle of keeping track of my employees, job order costing, processing payroll and ultimately losing money due to the mismanagement of time.

As an end-user, I knew I needed a product that could streamline these processes but couldn’t find a single product on the market that met the needs of my company. At that point, I realized that if I am struggling with these problems, surely plenty of other business owners with a largely mobile workforce are facing the same issue. Thus, Labor Sync began!

My father and I partnered with IT guru Joe Burger and beta tested within our own roofing company, Complete Roof Systems (CRS), to see how this technology could help us save both time and money. Joe had his own company and was a tenant of one of our roofing clients, she introduced me to Joe and we immediately hit it off.

I wasn’t happy with our current IT network administrator so I hired Joe on retainer to maintain CRS’s network. Once the recession hit, I, Joe and my father were talking about how we were going to prepare and where we could save money. That’s when we realized that our timesheet inaccuracies were killing us. We came up with the idea to better track time and ultimately what Labor Sync is today. Joe believed in Labor Sync so much that he closed his company and worked for free for over a year to see this idea come to fruition.

After just one year of use, we saved $104,000 across 45 employees. That’s when we knew, this was the real deal!

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