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David Ning is an American entrepreneur. David started Astute Actions Inc in 2008.[1]

David Ning,  of Astute Actions IncDavid Ning, of Astute Actions Inc


Astute Actions Inc


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Early Career

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Astute Actions Inc

David started Astute Actions Inc in 2008. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Astute Actions Inc?

I started the business entirely by accident. I’ve always wanted to start a website, so I started a personal blog in 2007 that talked about everything that was happening in my life. As I was reading on how to grow a blog, most people suggested focusing on one topic. I thought about a site on computers since I have a Masters in Applied Science majoring in Computer Networking, but since money was what I was passionate about and can talk shop all day, that initial website turned into MoneyNing.com.

And it wasn’t even for profit at the beginning either. I was just writing, and someone must’ve thought they liked what they saw because advertisers started contacting me for ad placements. I still remember my first $1,000 deal. I was so happy I ran to my wife, held her hand, and jumped up and down like an elated kid whose parents just promised unlimited ice cream. I couldn’t believe how someone would offer me such a large amount of cash just to mention their website on my web property.

Pretty soon, more and more advertisers were contacting me and the site was taking so much time that I had to choose whether I wanted to give full-time work on the site a go or sell the site because I was also working on a demanding sales position.

I chose the former, and it was a tough decision to make because I was making three times as much at my day job as what my site was bringing in. Luckily, I found comfort in that we were frugal and can make the finances work. The site quickly grew from there. It wasn’t even six months into a full time when I started making more than my day job.

To say that I was living the dream was an understatement.

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