David Lindahl

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David Lindahl is an American entrepreneur. David started Rainier Watch in 2018.[1]

David Lindahl, founder of Rainier WatchDavid Lindahl, founder of Rainier Watch


Rainier Watch


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Early Career

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Rainier Watch

David started Rainier Watch in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Rainier Watch?

In 2013 I was commuting to downtown Seattle for work on the bus and was awestruck by the clear (rare) days that you could see Mount Rainier out. For those who haven’t been here, Mount Rainier is a mountain that’s over 100 miles away from Seattle yet looks like you can reach out and grab it on the 50ish clear days a year. So when “The Mountain is out” it is a beautiful, yet elusive treat and is adored by the locals here in the Greater Seattle area.

> The power and reach of social media, if used well and invested into, is pretty powerful.

On those commutes, I questioned if there was a way online to know if Rainier was out and visible, but alas I couldn’t find one. So I started a Twitter account, posting daily on my commute.

Here’s the first tweet:


Eventually, it caught on and people now tag RW on Twitter when The Mountain is out, it’s a community-driven thing that is really fun. After a few years of tweeting (off and on), I decided to try my hand at selling stickers. So in 2018, I started with some basic logo stickers that I sold via a Gumroad account. They sold fairly well and so I conducted a few polls on social media, curious if the followers would be interested in more designs. And the answer was yes! So I began to work on more designs, intending to create more stickers and maybe even shirts. Then later that year I started an Instagram account to share photos of The Mountain and to kick start the RW Shop idea that was brewing.


I think my background and interests have been key to the success of RW. I’m always dabbling in all sorts of areas (like design, digital marketing, branding, etc), and in the past, I’ve even created several micro-brands just for fun. At this point in life with RW, I hadn’t yet learned to code websites so I started the RW website on Carrd.co and Gumroad at that point. Also, my experience with graphic design was very minimal so I started with some very simple designs.

I think having a varied skillset and not being hyper-focused on one thing really helps people become successful Founders. I’ve refined my skills throughout the years of running RW; skills like building a small business, design, digital marketing, social media, apparel, branding, product photography, and e-commerce.

Now, after my career pivoted from Anti-Money Laundering to Web Development, I acquired the skills to build a website. In 2018, these skills came in very handy when I relaunched the RW Shop on Woocommerce.

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