David Dewane

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David Dewane is a British entrepreneur. David started Mouse Book Club in 2017 and is based in Chicago.[1]

David Dewane, founder of Mouse Book ClubDavid Dewane, founder of Mouse Book Club


Mouse Book Club


Early Career

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Mouse Book Club

David started Mouse Book Club in 2017. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Mouse Book Club?

Mouse started as a genuine Eureka Moment. I was sitting on the bus and noticed everyone was on their phones. It was amazing to me that as a species we’ve effectively trained ourselves to read constantly.

Then, I simply asked myself the questions: what are they reading? Social media? Online journalism? Will they remember anything they read this morning in a day, month, week, year, decade?

> Within an hour of coming up with the idea, I had got off the bus, ran to my office, and made a prototype.

I happen to be reading a Bantam “pocket” classic of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. In the inner leaf, it said something like, “If you like this book, you’ll like books by Twain, Montaigne, Dante, Melville,...”.

I asked a second question: why don’t people read great literature on their phones? I carry a small, passport-sized notebook to record these observations. I looked down and was holding the tiny notebook in one hand and the book in the other. I thought if you could make the book even smaller, people would carry them consistently (I carry my notebook religiously).

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