David Caruso

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David Caruso is an American entrepreneur. David started Agent C. Advertising in 2018.[1]

David Caruso, founder of Agent C. AdvertisingDavid Caruso, founder of Agent C. Advertising


Agent C. Advertising


Early Career

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Agent C. Advertising

David started Agent C. Advertising in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Agent C. Advertising?

The reason I was drawn to advertising is that I enjoy the challenge of connecting with people and helping to change their perceptions of a business or product in a fun and positive way. The clients we work with are truly great companies with positive messages to share but just had the wrong “messengers” working for them before Agent C.

My motivation for starting Agent C is to be more in tune with our customers by developing better relationships with them. As a partner in a previous ad agency, I found I disagreed with the way the other partners ran the business in terms of how they dealt with the clients. To me, it seemed the motivation there was to just do work that could win awards, rather than creating work that would benefit the client the most.

> Surround yourself with the best people who share your vision and work ethic and just have fun. No one wants to work in a toxic environment.

While winning awards is exciting, doing work just to win awards marginalizes the client, who is the primary reason for doing the work in the first place. I’ve seen it before and I’ve learned that getting arguments with the client over creativity they feel isn’t working for them or meeting their objectives is not how to run a creative agency. Further berating clients by accusing them of not knowing what was good for them and other such nonsense kills trust and lack of trust destroys relationships. Loss of trust can create a very toxic environment that ruins good relationships with good clients over such a selfish motivation.

Relationships are really everything about this business. The relationships between you and your clients, their relationships with their clients, your relationships between vendors. It’s important because if you have a bad relationship, no one is going to trust you or want to work with you.

After I realized that those partners didn’t value the customer relationships as much as I did, I felt I had to do something about it. I started a new agency, Agent C, that is still able to create and has been creating award-winning work, yet at the same time have that work solve the problems the client needs to have solved.


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