David Barnes

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David Barnes is an Australian entrepreneur. David started Gym and Fitness in 2004.[1]

David Barnes, founder of Gym and FitnessDavid Barnes, founder of Gym and Fitness


Gym and Fitness


Early Career

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Gym and Fitness

David started Gym and Fitness in 2004. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Gym and Fitness?

I have always been passionate about training, with a focus on maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. I spent my teen years in and out of gyms as an elite athlete competing in the sport of archery. After competing in the 2004 Olympic Games and training at the AIS in Canberra, I returned back to my hometown of Adelaide, where I began the journey of setting up my own home gym.

Start small, limit your risk, test your product and market and always be ready to make changes according to feedback. Most of all make sure you’re having fun along the way!


I found this process to be disappointing, with local gym equipment stores offering a lack of range at steep pricing. With this in mind, I went searching for a local importer and wholesaler and came across a small business that had everything I needed at some really competitive price.

I bought a range of basics for my home gym set up but knowing the process that I had just been through to get my hands on quality gear at good prices, I thought I’d first list on eBay to see if there was demand. After selling through 200kg’s of weight plates pretty quickly, I realized there might be something in this! So I went back to the wholesaler, bought another 200kg’s of weight plates, rinse, repeat.

After having tested the model, I made my first commitment to ‘stock’ buying 600kg’s at a better buy price. And so was born the early Gym and Fitness equipment business model.

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