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Daniele Besana is a Dutch entrepreneur. Daniele started WP OK in 2015 and is based in Amsterdam.[1]

Daniele Besana, founder of WP OKDaniele Besana, founder of WP OK




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Daniele started WP OK in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on WP OK?

I've always worked in IT, solving technical problems for small and big companies.

During my 15 years career in network security, I was lucky to help a lot of different types of customers: from small family-owned businesses to multinationals corporations.

It’s all about people. Don't focus on the number of subscribers, followers, opt-in, conversions… when you start is all about building relationships with people.

In 2012 I started my own business, looking for new challenges.

I blame the 30-year crisis and the book 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss for this!

My original idea was to buy existing websites, with traffic and revenues, and work to increase profits.

As it often happens, the original plan didn't work out as imagined and I soon found myself drowning in a multitude of projects bringing little cash.

A friend of mine, a WordPress consultant, asked me if I wanted some customers… it looked like a low-hanging fruit for me, and I said YES.

Doing WordPress freelancing I realized that so many small-medium businesses, disappointed by bad support experiences, are losing time and money with websites that don't work well.

I asked myself: why don't help small business owners and professional with an efficient and affordable support service?

That's how WP-OK was born :)

I first offered the subscription to my existing customers, and that was well-received as they already knew and trust me.

Building a monthly revenue was nice. A few hundred euros each month gave me the freedom to leave expensive Amsterdam and reach cheaper places when I wanted, all while renting out my apartment to fuel some more time abroad.

The challenge was to reach new customers.

I chose to focus on the Italian market, launching the service under the WP-OK brand.

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