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Daniel Chan is an American entrepreneur. Daniel started Dan Chan Presents: Virtual Magic Shows in 1999.[1]

Daniel Chan, founder of Dan Chan Presents: Virtual Magic ShowsDaniel Chan, founder of Dan Chan Presents: Virtual Magic Shows


Dan Chan Presents: Virtual Magic Shows


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Dan Chan Presents: Virtual Magic Shows

Daniel started Dan Chan Presents: Virtual Magic Shows in 1999. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Dan Chan Presents: Virtual Magic Shows?

I’ve always had an interest in magic and with Google, YouTube, and the Internet not yet invented, I spent many hours as a youth slow motioning VCR tapes, poring over library books, and trying to decipher how all these seemingly impossible magic tricks were possible. It wasn’t until I met a magician named Gerald Joseph that my magic career truly began. After the party I asked him a few questions, Joseph revealed to me, one of the most astounding effects in magic - how to make a ring disappear and end up in his wallet, in a zippered compartment! He didn’t have to share how this effect worked, but he did and became one of my early friends in magic. Around the same time, I discovered Misdirections Magic Shop, and it’s owner Joe Pon, who, through his lecture series, introduced me to the most respected magicians in the industry.

> Performing magic as a career involves more than just magic. Learning how to budget, market, finance, build a website, communicate effectively with others, and effectively run a business is a challenge of its own.

While I worked full time at Paypal pre-IPO, I started performing magic on the side. I would work on the weekends performing magic instead of watching movies or hanging out with friends, and would occasionally use my sick days to take lucrative performances. It was tough mostly working 7 days a week, during the day working my desk job, my evenings dedicated to honing my craft, and my weekends filled with performances. The real “aha!” a moment came several months later when I worked out the math and realized that I could quit my desk job and take on magic full time. This change was a huge risk as I knew I would be giving up a steady paycheck with many benefits. Still, I was confident I could fully transition to a business based on referrals, repeat customers, and, most importantly, rave reviews.

At the time, my goal was to have a gross six figures, 100K per year, performing magic. I calculated that if I could perform eight shows a week at $250 per show. This would amount to 2K a week and over 100K per year. It took quite a while to reach that 100K goal. After doing well over 5000 shows, my magic has become more refined and more sophisticated. As I matured, my strategy slowly evolved. I realized that to command top corporate dollars; clients couldn’t see me as a kid’s entertainer. It wasn’t until I decided to completely let go of the comfort and security of doing kids’ events that led to my corporate entertaining career taking off.

Today, our family now covers both markets with my 12-year-old son in charge of all the kid’s events. He can now garner up to $750 per show as he can confidently perform magic that will fool both kids and adults, juggle five balls, three flaming torches, and even picks pockets.

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