Daisy Kimbro

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Daisy Kimbro is an American entrepreneur. Daisy started Aromaology in .[1]

Daisy Kimbro,  of AromaologyDaisy Kimbro, of Aromaology




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Daisy started Aromaology in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Aromaology?

All of our products are formulated, designed, and manufactured in small batches by myself and my staff. When I started growing I found myself facing several opportunities to grow my brand. At the time I knew I was not in a position to scale to produce thousands of products on the volume to fulfill those orders.

I researched a few cosmetic laboratories and I met with 3 different labs. None of the labs were willing to use the raw materials and ingredients I used to formulate my products. I was told that my ingredients were high-end and would be too expensive to produce the same product. I did not want to lose the integrity of my products and brand so my other option was China. I opted due to the many horror stories I heard. The bad outweighed the good and I did not want to take the risk.

I decided to continue to grow my brand organically. My goal was to improve my manufacturing practices and master my formulas so that I could produce better quality products and improve our customers’ experience. I researched skincare lab practices and took a course on how to set up an artisan skincare lab. It was a lot of work but my passion propelled me to get it done. I made my plan and I put it into action. I upgraded our lab with new and improved equipment, developed and mastered my formulas, created systems, and implemented improved standard operating procedures.

My friends and family went into a particular store for about a month. They would ask, “I am looking for Aromaology products.” About a month later the store contacted me to set up a meeting and the manager gave me a trial run.

The results were phenomenal. The improvements helped us scale and improve in all aspects of the business. We became more efficient with the materials, supplies, and raw ingredients which helped us to consistently create effective products.

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