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Cy is an American entrepreneur. Cy started Super Smash Cache in 2014.[1]

Cy, founder of Super Smash CacheCy, founder of Super Smash Cache


Super Smash Cache


Early Career

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Super Smash Cache

Cy started Super Smash Cache in 2014. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Super Smash Cache?

Confidence in my sexuality was something I had to cultivate; I didn’t want others to feel alone like I did. I was resentful of the narrative that men having orgasms was expected, while women experiencing pleasure was extraordinary. “That’s just the way things are,” one of my (male) friends told me.


Women can take charge of their sexual experience in so many ways, like:

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When my sex toy review blog started, I was an undergrad for biology and art, working part-time as a model. Unfortunately, modeling paid me better than many of the starter jobs in my field would have. While I enjoyed lab work, I didn’t see myself proceeding with it for the next 40 years.

Between that and mental illness, I wanted to build a fully-remote business that: 1. allowed me flexible hours, and 2. was meaningful to me.

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