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Cristian Cisa is a Spanish entrepreneur. Cristian started Fidlio in 2020.[1]

Cristian Cisa, founder of FidlioCristian Cisa, founder of Fidlio




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Cristian started Fidlio in 2020. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Fidlio?

As I said, I'm not a developer. I studied Industrial Design last century (wow, that sounds too old), but never worked as an industrial designer. I discovered the internet when I was finishing university, and after a few years, I started my first company with 2 more partners. It was an interactive agency, where we created all kinds of digital projects for our clients. The three of us were designers, so we soon started hiring developers.

I worked there for 15 years, and 5 years ago I created a new startup with another partner.

The winner is not always the best product, but the one that has a better mix of product, marketing, sales, customer success, etc.

It's a communication software for schools, we have more than 400 clients, and we are now making $40k in MRR. One of my responsibilities there is customer success, and I one day realized how difficult it was to manage all the suggestions and feature requests that our clients were constantly making. We started to manage that in an Excel sheet, but it was very inefficient.

I had discovered the "no-code" world a year before when I created a simple session booking app for a friend's yoga studio. I have never been able to code, I just know HTML, CSS, and very basic SQL. And I was amazed when I discovered that you could develop almost any kind of software project with Bubble, a great no-code tool. Things that would have been impossible without a developer before were now possible for me.

And that's when I decided to build Fidlio, a tool to manage user suggestions and feature requests. I loved the idea of trying to build something completely on my own. No partners, no investors, no developers, no employees, just me. I'm not saying this should always be the way to go: you'll go further and faster with a good team. But the idea of doing something on my own, completely bootstrapped, sounded very appealing to me at that time.

I started building Fidlio in December 2019. I worked on nights and weekends, and in February 2020 I released the first version. Those 2 months were really stressful. Running a full-time business, and married with 2 kids, I could only take time from sleep hours. And as we'll see, this had consequences.

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