Corey Rust

Founder of Envi Adventures
from Portland, Oregon, USA
started April 2017
Almost five years ago I began the process of starting an aerial tour business based in the Portland, Oregon suburb of Troutdale. Just shy of four years in operation, we’re still here, still flying, and thankful. My business is Envi Adventures and my name is Corey Rust. If you’ve ever be...
Hi there, my name is Corey Rust and I started Envi Adventures in Troutdale, Oregon. Never heard of it? I’m surprised. It’s a sprawling metropolis of just over 16,000 on the eastside of Portland. Now, if you’ve ever been to Portland and driven into the Columbia River Gorge to see Multnom...
If you have ever met me (which is pretty unlikely), then you probably learned relatively quickly that I’m really into airplanes. And by ‘really’ I mean borderline obsessed. My name is Corey Rust, and I own the Troutdale, Oregon based air tour business Envi Adventures. What we do hasn’t ...