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Corbin O'Reilly is an American entrepreneur. Corbin started Tap Truck USA in 2016.[1]

Corbin O'Reilly, founder of Tap Truck USACorbin O'Reilly, founder of Tap Truck USA


Tap Truck USA


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Tap Truck USA

Corbin started Tap Truck USA in 2016. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Tap Truck USA?

Initially, the business idea was just that. We researched some other mobile bars but wanted to fine-tune something that spoke more of the character of Taylor and me. Taylor has always been a craft beer enthusiast. My family history actually owned a dealership for about 70 years, so love for classic cars was in my veins.

Taylor and I did the bodywork on our first truck ourselves. We enjoyed sanding it all day and listening to Drake and Future Songs. So the 1952 Chevrolet panel truck was named Bae. She has been to the Hollywood sign, to Palm Springs, and over San Diego and orange county. We learned a lot from this first truck build, what to do, and probably more importantly as an entrepreneur what not to do.

Our validation really came in launching the truck with the feedback we would get. If you are a fan of vintage Americana, Craft brews, or classic cars then you are a fan of Tap Truck. Seeing people's eyes light up at the sight of Bae was a huge relief that we might be onto something. Still, a favorite of mine is when you hit a certain part in the reception where all the groomsmen want to see under the hood!

At the time financially we were really bootstrapped. Hence doing all our own bodywork on the vehicle. We were incredibly frugal back in the day with doing all our own email campaigns and social media. We would spend our hours unfollowing and following which even got us more business out the gate! Through our awesome story and young hard work, we even were highlighted on the local news several times!


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