Constantin Coutun

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Constantin Coutun is an entrepreneur. Constantin started 411Writers in 2018.[1]

Constantin Coutun, founder of 411WritersConstantin Coutun, founder of 411Writers




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Constantin started 411Writers in 2018. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on 411Writers?

I have started working in the Content Writing Department at 411 Locals as a blog writer in 2013. 411 Locals is an Internet Advertising Agency specializing in local search engine optimization (SEO), web design, and online marketing solutions. After a few years of being a Team Leader, I’ve made it to a Fulfillment Manager of the 2 teams, being responsible for over 40 writers and 13 editors.

Our most iconic service is the Guru Content Quality Plan. For some people, words are just words, written black on white, and meant to complement the rest of the design on a website.

However, that’s what our services tend to prove wrong. Usually, there are 2 types of people looking for website content: SEOs who need well-optimized text for the search engines and webmasters who simply need to tell a story. At 411Writers, we combine those needs and provide our customers with unique website content that is written for both, search engines and human readers.

On July 24, 2018, we received our very first order. It was a 300-word request with a 24-hour delivery deadline. Today, we produce over 2.5 million words every month with an average of $50 000 revenue.

After 7 years in the company, I’ve felt like the potential of the writing team was being limited to the businesses 411 Locals is working with. This is how the idea of 411Writers was born - I wanted to help my department’s potential and give both writers and editors a field where they can express their creativity.

After a few days of researching content writing companies, I was convinced that we can do better. It just seemed like the right thing to do, the perfect move - we’re already a cohesive team, we have the manpower and knowledge, we have the experience, so why not expand our business?

As for me, long are the days that I have written something that gets published. I was not the most creative writer, I was rather an efficient one but I can hardly say that writing, in particular, is my thing. Truth is, I have always been attracted to engineering and creating things that have meaning for others. I believe my engineering background combined with the content writing experience gave me a unique view on how we can streamline and bootstrap our idea into a business.

Currently, thanks to the amazing people I work with, the project runs almost on its own. However, we never stop expanding our reach and adding more features to our offering. The ultimate goal is to become the go-to company for all things related to content creation - and we’re just at the beginning of a long and tedious road.

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