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Conor Delaney is an American entrepreneur. Conor started The Good Life Companies in 2012 and is based in Philadelphia PA.[1]

Conor Delaney,  of The Good Life CompaniesConor Delaney, of The Good Life Companies


The Good Life Companies


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The Good Life Companies

Conor started The Good Life Companies in 2012. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on The Good Life Companies?

I was a financial advisor for seven years alongside my partner, Courtnie Nein, who was in the financial planning business with me for five years at the time.

We had a burning desire to leave the firm we were with and subsequently launched an organization with the goal of creating our own mission “to provide financial services to advisors and clients in the Middle American market.” This new mission fit our business and our values, which were of paramount importance to us moving forward.

Once we went through the process of transitioning our clients to the new custodian, we realized we had an opportunity to capitalize on a niche in the marketplace, and a personal desire to pay it forward to other advisors. My partner, Courtnie, who has a supply chain management background, built out the policies and procedures for our firm which originally included all processes to move an advisor from one firm to another.

As we began recruiting financial advisors into our organization at a local level, we realized quickly if we wanted to scale the business nationwide, our ultimate goal, we needed to incorporate real estate into our core offering in addition to the transition services we offered.

We built our first satellite office in Pittsburgh. From there, we invested a significant amount of our resources in building out the real estate, training, technology, infrastructure, and support advisors need to make the move to an independent affiliation.

Most advisors are not content working under the large wirehouses, banks, and publicly traded firms, whose main focus is growing their corporate earnings. Many of the decisions on how advisors run their practice are made without regard for the end client, leaving the advisors often frustrated and feeling like they are not in control of their business.

Starting a business teaches us so much about perseverance and personal growth.

Having a physical office space and support surrounding the advisor leaves the advisor feeling stagnant since they have all they need to run their business, despite being unhappy with their current broker dealer or custodian. The thought of leaving seems like a massive undertaking and the advisor may choose to not make the change. Not only do they have to worry about moving their clients, but now they need to figure out the setup and the on-going logistics of outfitting and running a physical office without support.

Our organization was developed to help support the advisor who wants to be independent but wants the support they have at their current firm from a business operations standpoint.

They maintain control over their private practice but outsource all the back office non-revenue generating activities to Good Life, allowing them to focus on solely being an advisor in control of their own destiny. Advisors leave their old firm, in pursuit of their own version of the good life for themselves and their clients, all while backed by our infrastructure and support.

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