Clifton Muckenfuss

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Clifton Muckenfuss is an American entrepreneur. Clifton started Carolina Exteriors in 2010 and is based in Apex, NC.[1]

Clifton Muckenfuss, founder of Carolina ExteriorsClifton Muckenfuss, founder of Carolina Exteriors


Carolina Exteriors


Early Career

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Carolina Exteriors

Clifton started Carolina Exteriors in 2010. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Carolina Exteriors?

The founders are childhood best friends from small-town America (South Carolina). We took different paths after college and approximately 9 years later, reunited in North Carolina. I (Clifton) was recruited from Florida to work for a Mortgage Company in Raleigh, NC and Wesley was already established here (Raleigh) working for a major building materials manufacturer (James Hardie). After the housing crisis, the Mortgage Company went bankrupt and I (Clifton) found myself without a job. I then founded a Residential/Commercial/Cleaning Company (still in operations today, Managed by my wife, Mary Ann) and grew that business from $0 - $500K rapidly.

> Surround yourself with POSITIVE people.

Then, Wes and I were talking about the possibility of starting a siding/exterior remodeling company since most of the contractors were retreating after the recession and the ones that remained, didn’t focus on the customer, but rather, only on the transaction.

From there, we created a business plan, bootstrapped the business on $3,500 and voila the business (Carolina Exteriors) was born. From humble beginnings (1990 Ford Van with no heat/no air conditioning, leaking gas tank, etc.), 2 owners / no employees, to now generating $4,000,000 in annual revenue and being recognized as a leader in our market and industry. Our growth has been incredible, we now employ 12 full-time team members and have over 50 trade partners that we work with.

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