Claire Robinson

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Claire Robinson is a French entrepreneur. Claire started StructurInfo (ZigZag Road Trips) in 2015 and is based in Le Havre.[1]

Claire Robinson, founder of StructurInfo (ZigZag Road Trips)Claire Robinson, founder of StructurInfo (ZigZag Road Trips)


StructurInfo (ZigZag Road Trips)


Early Career

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StructurInfo (ZigZag Road Trips)

Claire started StructurInfo (ZigZag Road Trips) in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on StructurInfo (ZigZag Road Trips)?

Well, this started as a hobby. I never would have thought it would become what it is today. I am blown away.

My original career was completely different. I have a Master’s in Engineering, and I had an international career in Quality Management for medical devices. I’ve lived in France, Germany, and Australia and traveled all over the world for work. This is the reason why I caught the travel bug.

> I did not scatter and try doing all the social media platforms. I made choices. This is really important. You can’t do everything well. And depending on your strategy, not all the options are pertinent.

At one point I was frustrated not to be able to find the information I needed to plan a trip, so I started my own blog. I thought other people may be looking for the same things (I love planning with a lot of details).

2 years after starting that blog, I realized my readers had the same frustrations with travel guides as I had (you know, the thousands of places but hardly any pictures). This is why I launched my first road trip guide. It was about Iceland. I must admit I did not really validate the idea, I had an audience that seemed to be looking for such a product and I wanted the challenge of creating it, so I just did it.

At the end of 2016, after the sudden death of my brother and a change in management at my work, I decided to go full time. I left my comfortable, highly paid corporate job to try and see what could happen.

At that point, the English website had grown a little as my side hustle and was generating $500 a month. So, I knew it was possible to earn money from it.

And, thanks to my family’s advice, I decided to launch the French version of it at Translating content is much faster than creating it, and, as I knew what I was doing, the site grew faster.

Since then, in 2018, I have also launched the German version at


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