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claire jordan is an American entrepreneur. claire started claire jordan designs in and is based in Franklin.[1]

claire jordan, founder of claire jordan designsclaire jordan, founder of claire jordan designs


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claire jordan designs

claire started claire jordan designs in . They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on claire jordan designs?

My cards happened as a suggestion.

I started painting in like 2010 here and there for extra cash and I specialized in furniture. I have not had any formal training in art. I would bid on jobs, research techniques and dive straight into the project. I taught myself how to refinish lamps and furniture and did custom jobs for a year. I once painted a custom MSU cowbell for Dak Prescott. I grew up in Yazoo City, MS and was living on my family's farm. I had lost my father to cancer and decided to venture out and leave Mississippi, my home for 31 years, I then moved to Asheville, NC to start over.

I continued to paint furniture and eventually had to stop due to a saturated market and I realized this wasn't the direction I wanted to go. I was working at The Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville, NC in a gallery for hardly any pay. I was at a point in my life where nothing seemed to be working and I was feeling defeated. I was working on custom animal abstracts for Christmas gifts and a coworker suggested greeting cards. I had been painting animals for years and I thought the idea was genius. You create 1 image and make replicas of them. sold!

Every image I created was from an actual animal photo. I freehand every one of them and paint them by hand using acrylic. My manager suggested this Jan 20, 2017, and by Feb 4, 2017, I had 6 images. I sold the fox in the first few hours, skip forward a few years and I am in over 200 stores in the US, Canada, British Virgin Islands and I have sent a lot of my work to Tanzania, Africa.

I try to stay hands-on and reach out to all my stores and keep good relations with them. I have built my business on honesty and integrity. I wasn't exactly sure if you could thrive by following the rules, but I sure am trying. It has been a very bumpy road and anything but easy. There are more days than not, of me wanting to just walk away. Then I remember, I can't. This has happened for a reason. I have the chance and ability to put some happiness out into this difficult world and I feel that it is my life mission to do that. I think God gives everyone a talent and if you figure out what it is, then DO IT! Do it as hard as you can, with all you have and let nothing stop you! (btw I am gonna need someone to read this to me every day to remind me, ha). Life is something that has not been very easy for me., I grew up an extremely shy child in an extremely small town.


From a very early age, I was bullied relentlessly, for years. That combo mixed with my shyness and things in my family life at the time affected me in ways I can't even begin to describe. I struggle daily with, do I deserve this life or the chance to try to help people when I, for so long, though I wasn’t ever going to be enough. Today, I battle these thoughts but I also have overcome so much. I am not going to lie, most days have to get through the panic and negative self-doubt and force myself to walk through all my fears to move forward in everyday life and my business. I want to be the light for people or a glimpse of kindness in someone's life.

I started this business with no expectations or even an inkling that it would be where it is now. What has kept me trudging forward is random acts of kindness throughout the years. I have really enjoyed sending cards to people anonymously. I would do posts on Facebook for anyone struggling around the holidays or deaths of a pet or loved one, cancer survivors, people that may get overlooked a lot. THAT is what has kept me going. That has brought me more joy than anything in the world. In my short time of business, I have received letters all over the country from people on how these cards have affected them, their grans or how they watch over their children in their nursery at night.

Anyone who takes the time to write you a letter on this day is pretty cool. I pay attention to the little things. I actually got a card one day from my niece who was at camp and I opened it and I was like oh! Okay, I get it now. It was a really sweet surprise. This was when I realized, my cards were just the beginning. I own these images and I can do with them what I want. I can make clothes, blankets, and bedding, I have so many ideas. I built this business from scratch and taught myself everything and I plan to keep going. (I didn’t even own a computer when I started) I have Phil 4:13 on the back of my cards. I say this with my head held high. I have always been whatcha see is whatcha get kinda girl so I don’t hide the fact it's there and I am not trying to force it on anyone either. My story, my life, it’s what got me through my dark times.

how-i-started-a-5k-month-greeting-cards-brand I found my original 6. It’s wild how these 6 images have changed my life and grown into their own characters and personalities and into the lives of others

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