Christopher Sofia

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Christopher Sofia is an American entrepreneur. Christopher started Humble Blades in 2015.[1]

Christopher Sofia, founder of Humble BladesChristopher Sofia, founder of Humble Blades


Humble Blades


Early Career

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Humble Blades

Christopher started Humble Blades in 2015. They detail the beginnings of their company in their Starter Story interview: [1]

Q: How did you get started on Humble Blades?

My background is in marketing and graphic design, I hate sitting still, and I’ve always been interested in knives, swords, medieval arms, armor, etc. So I thought making a logo and a website and getting a few products on the page would be a great way to make a new marketing/design portfolio. It would showcase me as more than a designer, but rather a small business creative sherpa, taking client’s concept to completion of anything.

Very quickly, I felt the pull to make this more than just a sales pitch for my next interview, but a viable career path, with options to grow and scale a business, and finally be my own boss, I’d have several opportunities to do so in the past but it’s an odd way to describe it, but I was interested in the work, my heart wasn't in it and I felt I was self-sabotaging every time because I knew deep down it’s not what I wanted to be doing.

With the knives, as ugly and terrible as they were, the feedback was positive with the early work, I felt I could do much more, and much better with more discipline and a strategy so I leaned into with all I had, partly because I was interested in everything, but mostly because I sort of felt I was always holding back for reason, and I have never truly submitted to an idea, and this was something I never even questioned while allowing to consume me.

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